Illuminage Group Hawaii offers unique and custom LED options that will benefit your current and future business needs.




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LED panel light
Quality Products

Our products are acquired directly from manufacturers. There is no middleman between us, you and them!

Competitive Pricing

With quality in mind, we strive to offer pricing that will happily satisfy your business from a customers perspective.

Long Lasting Products

Your future is in mind! We offer anti-corrosion finishes on numerous products that aids in the longevity of LED fixtures.

Energy Efficient Consultants

We assist with providing consulting services to businesses to become more energy efficient. We are one of Hawaii's Energy Clean Energy Allies and assist in getting rebates for new construction, renovation or retfrotits. We can assist with energy audits to show potential energy savings.

Types of Products we offer:

LED Panel light
LED high bay light
Filament LED light bulb